About me

My name is Nichola and I’m a fresher at Gomel State Medical University, Belarus.
And I’m bringing You my new awesome blog about how and why we need need to handle or let go of procrastination and wasting time not that I want to mention myself ;P
I’m happy to announce my brand new youtube channel and hitting to a new level. So highly inspired by all that is around me I will be doing a vlog on a daily basis.
Please do visit my vlog Nick ded on youtube.  
So all You out there come to join the team! let’s see if we can help each other and combine our efforts to make most out of what we got and make sure we don’t leave any trail of disappointment behind ourselves cheers.
So here is a small insight to you about my purpose of being a doctor and a member of the human society.
                                                                                             NickDeD out !

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