About me

                 My name is Nichola and I’m a fresher at Gomel State Medical University, Belarus.
                 And I’m bringing You my new awesome blog about how and why we need need to handle or let go of procrastination and wasting time not that I want to mention myself ;P.
                  So all You out there come join the team! let’s see if we can help each other and combine our efforts to make most out of what we got and make sure we don’t leave any trail of disappointment behind ourselves cheers.
                                                                                             NickDeD out !


“Commitment” an introduction

Why do we commit? As human beings we tend to hold on to things that we hold so dear; may it be a passion, possession or merely someone and we start to build a fortress around it in order to secure it because we know that it’s valuable. But what if you don’t commit to …

Hello Monday!!

Hey, guys and welcome to another week of the calendar, let me tell you about “Monday”. Nearly everyone hates Monday because that’s the start of the week and the end of those fine weekends( who doesn’t love weekends). But let me tell you: it’s quite ok to dive into another week at work with a …

In “No Time”🤔

Hello here I am again, Well my life as a medical student is too stuffed. My routine is only to wake up in the morning, run for classes, stay till it’s late evening, come back to the hostel and eat my only meal of the day, get back to studies or fall asleep trying. Well …