4 basics of habit building I use

So have anyone ever told you that habit building is hard? Yes it is, But

Only until it’s a habit!

As the definition says “Whenever you find yourself in a specific situation, you find yourself automatically doing specific actions.” According to routine excellence.

So the simplest basis is that once a specific action has been performed in the past over a continuous period of time the brain and body adapt to it creating a bond between the situation and behavior and the behavior being the habit.

So let’s get into it 😍…

So this something that I’m deeply into and trying to practice it myself and sharing my achievements along the way.

So this is how it works, there are few key fundamentals I learned along the way.

I will break this process into a simple 4 step method.

1. Always start small.

2. Give it time.

3. Do not panic to fall back.

4. Keep it consistent and enjoy the journey.



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So under these 4 main criteria, I will walk you through how to establish a working habit building system.

And also I will recommend some tools and apps that will help you with the work.

So this will be an honest overview of my own methods.

Point no.1 Always start small

Many people dive headfirst into habit building. So they set up these big overestimated resolutions and routine plans.

So the error here is that you will quickly lose the motivation since you are new to the whole process.

Just like any activity, it starts with the basics.

So, in this case, you need to have a warm-up session or else experimentation as to how you will get one with the work.

So I highly recommend you take one something that is not related to your long run or your main goal, makes it a rather silly one.

So in my case, my main aim is to excel at what I do my studies as a medical student and also my work as a blogger and a content creator.

So I started with something that is extremely outta the box. I got down with a 66 day everyday cold shower challenge.

Despite my hate of cold water, I did it and I couldn’t last 5 freaking seconds…..

So with this, I planned to increase the number of seconds as each week progress. And with the days it became a normal routine to me or should I say a funny moment to myself.

So while on the process I switched to another habit understanding that I had to take the next step.

Well, this one was something that I liked but still not so relevant to my work.

So I started with the habit of reading books; you can observe my resolutions page here.

So I set it to 15 self-development books within this year not too much not too little.

So after a while when I felt that I’m ready to take on the serious stuff, I meant the ones that were relevant to my studies and work Did and so it went on….

Point no.2 Give it time

So this is something that I really want to stress on when I talk about the topic of habit building or either anything that takes up considerable amounts of dedication and time.

These are not easy things, to begin with, may it be getting your feet into a new habit or getting out of a habit that you are either used to.

I understand it is easier said than done trust me!

For example, you want to get to the habit of reading books but your one of those people who had never thought of such a thing.

Maybe you were a hardcore video gamer but now you are becoming aware of your health issues and wanna hit the gym or a sport.

Just imagine how hard it is! yes some of us have been through it

So this is a process that has to be achieved with time, dedication, concentration and discipline!

And most importantly let time pass it will hit you!

Point no.3 Do not panic to fall back

So what I want to emphasize here is the fact that you don’t have to take yourself to the extremes of behaviors.

As I had mentioned earlier we always tend to overestimate ourselves to achieve more.

Therefore in a way, we expect better from ourselves always and not to mention the desire to attain perfectionism!

This can be the next bad thing; you come up with this firm plan or resolution but along the way, you are experiencing that you are not keeping up with the stuff as you intended at first.

Therefore what most of us do is we burn out and finally, we snap and that’s the end of the line. This hasn’t had to be this way.

In my case, I had days that I was sick and sure it wasn’t healthy for me to have a cold shower even for a few seconds so I had to shift back to the lower gears and cope up with it.

I had days that I got burnt out and lost touch of my well planned weekly study plan; yes it does hurt!

All I’m saying is nothing will be going smooth trust me. Though I’m here striking the keys to type this stuff, I’ve have had times that I wanted to give up    Literally this blog you are reading I attempted it more than a dozen times! And I know I’ll soon have such instances in the future as well.

So, in this case, all I’m gonna do is

So whenever you get tired or you fall down don’t struggle with it, take a break, if you need to reconfigure your pace or take a fresh breath of air why not!

Just remember not to be too Hard nor too soft on your self, either way will be unhealthy in the long run.

Point no.4 Keep it consistent and enjoy the run

So this is the final step of all keep it going and for this, you may need some kind of a tracker or a helper to keep you motivated and have a track record of your progress.

And for this, I highly recommend the Habitbull habit tracker app!

So this may also work out if you properly explain your process to someone who is close to you and testify that you won’t let yourself down.

Or If you want to spices things up a little bit try beeminder app too!

Here you may have to take a risk of pledging your money on completing tasks and if ever you fail you will lose that money.

So if you want loads of other apps that may help you with getting stuff done you can also refer my blog post about essential productivity tools!

So these set of apps once used in combination will create a productivity system, I mean a digital one…

But some people may prefer the traditional pen and paper or journaling which also, of course, a better option as well!

All in all, it’s about to try, experiment and get used to a method that is well suited to you and build that discipline one step at a time. And when I say “A STEP AT A TIME” I really mean it!


“Hope for the best and prepare for the worst”

Yes, and in my short period of time into the habit building affair I learned a small thing “IT F**KING WORKS”.

I really don’t know how to emphasize this enough but little by little things changed, don’t misunderstand me thinking that I made it to the climax and hey I’m still a 20-year-old medical student with low grades and lack of concentration and motivation 85% of the time.

But it always comes with the effort you put into yourself to build a discipline within you, It was not about getting a 9 out of 10 for my anatomy exam, nor was it about completing all my work and notes.

It was about placing those distractions aside; those hour-long surfing around youtube or social media and get started at least learn the basics of what you should know.

Then what do you know you will get fascinated about the enthusiasm!






What is Deep work and why it’s rare?

So this will be a special post for me as I will be reviewing a book that impacted me big time.

What is “Deep Work” and why it’s becoming increasingly rare!

This article will help you understand what is deep work and how to embed these qualities into your life as well!

It’s Cal Newport’s 5th book titled “Deep Work.”

The overall idea of this book is the number of people who work in the sector related to generating ideas essentially known as Knowledge workers. 

And what does deep work mean?

I hope this youtube video will explain it quite well!

It also shows how people should be committed.

Therefore explaining how modern technologies such as smartphones and social media platforms has greatly affected the quality of work of this class.

Or otherwise “focused success in a distracted world.”

So here I will be discussing how I adopted the details in this book into my life and how I’m still discovering each aspect I order to optimize myself.

So here I am a to 2nd-year medical student working hard to hit it right and excel in my future career as a psychiatrist.

Firstly about the author

Cal Newport is a young professor at Georgetown University in the US currently a professor in computer science,

What is special about him as though he works in the sector related to computer and the internet, he is one of those people who will never own a social media account.

But you can always check out his blog Studyhacks.

This is one of the best blogs I’ve been to by far!!!!

And still, manage to hold a reasonable reputation at what he does.

And I too appreciate the fact that he is into how mankind and society,

He is a believer of digital minimalism where he did actually publish his latest work in its theme.

And what he says makes a lot of sense at least in my case.

You can also visit his blog where he deeply discusses his theories and discussions.

So there are these many theories and methodologies that I find really helpful to what I do and things I know will work out for me and you as well.

My self as an “Amature” Social media user.

phone screen showing social media icons and apps

you could actually get that part of the story here where I explain my story titled  “My first days into social media” 

So I myself as a newbie to social media and a blogger trying to reach out to people with the same ideology as mine, yes I have to disagree with Cal Newport to a certain extent.

I’m not stating that social media is 90% useless and irrelevant but let’s be honest its not your best friend.

But when I was young and until 6 months from this day all I had was an email.

And for social media, all I ever used was Google plus which was virtually abandoned by many.

So Google plus was a platform that I really loved because the distraction was minimum than I had experienced from what I know of the other social media platforms.

I used to search for the stuff that I was interested in most new tech,  cars, weapons and psychology, mental health, habit building, and society.

And I left it out along and join forums and communities like Reddit and Quora as well to get to know more about MBTI and personality types.

Soothe story went on and on…

So, all in all, I find this book very relatable to myself and the way I perceive the world and it is to most people around.

And if you are someone that is will to get the same experience of possessing such rare characteristics in a modern distracted society I highly recommend reading this book.

What are the things you can expect to gain from reading this book?

Cal Newport runs you through the basics of how other successful people experimented their methodologies and breaks it down to simple steps so you can follow the same methods as well.

This book will also include many other interviews he had with influential people and also information how famous people Like Carl Jung, Theodore Roosevelt etc.. used deep work to get stuff done.

So sit tight this may elongate to a few more articles in my website I hope you can keep track of it.

Habit bull (essentail productivity tools)

Hello and once again welcome to a brand new productivity tool review.

Today I will be reviewing about an essential habit building app that I myself use.

It’s Habitbull!

this app was recommended to me when I was going through a skillshare lesson on productivity and I got it downloaded a month back.

I didn’t realize how impactful a simple mobile app would be until I sank into it.

So first of I didn’t start with a direct set of strict habits I started off with one habit “getting up at 5.00 am” and also a challenge to myself “cold shower every day”.

So as it was the holidays frankly I was unfortunate to wake up at 5.00 am BUT I manage to get a cold shower every day for 26 days.

so I can say that the app wasn’t useless at all.

Next, I reset my whole app and got down to five habits.

By the way, the free version only allows you to only practice 5 habits at a time which makes it interestingly sound good.

So let’s get to the details

The interface of the app

screen shot from habitbull for android

I have to say at first sight the app is so simple that you start to think how can this app impact so much.

the dark grey shade is so much soothing to the eye and the simple colors make you feel like it’s not a big deal.

The add habit button is shown with a plus sign + in light minimalistic green color which I will get to the details and features soon.

So all in all its fun to get started.

at the topmost corner at the left-hand side, you find the conventional menu bar which will lead you to the menu which will show habits first and then the settings and all.

Features and settings

So as I mentioned once you hit the added habit or the plus sign they would take you to a small menu with stating us to choose an option.

So these will include a set of popular or generic choices which I will mention a few such as study, fitness, diet etc.. (the categories of the type of habits you want to encourage)

After you have selected your choice of habit you come to the option of selecting how will you be measuring your progress.

This will come in many forms:

If you wish to continue into a habit of weight gain/lose you may enter details by kilograms.

Or if it’s in the distance that you’ve jogged that will be measured in Kilometers.
And if you wish to get into a habit which relates to a matter of time spent it will give the variables accordingly.

So and so according to the mode, you choose the measuring unit and you have the freedom to set your goals and tweak the settings to your preference.

this will include…..

Number of promordoros (a unit time consisting of optimum 25 minutes on undivided focus to one task)

A number of pages and so much more…..

So after going through all the settings now you can enter the predetermined habit and start working on it.

How does the app get the data?

So this part is crucial for how you use this app. Usage of this app is based on self-discipline, being accountable and honest to yourself.

Of course, some of the tasks can be on par with connections with google fit( yes fitness) but in the case of other habits and goals, you are on your own.

If you want to make it work you have to commit to yourself an be willing to push the limits.

If you’re willingly set your goals you have to achieve it other than that there is no point in the whole process.

How does the show your progress

this is the best part of the app that I find exciting and it is that the app gives you a very structured insight of your progress.

the details are so simple to understand and very useful and don’t get things complicated as it caters the most vital of information, such as…

A calendar day line where you will have to enter each day’s achievement and this will be shown in your stats. (as below)

Screenshot showing interface of the habitull app

and once you scroll down it; you’ll witness the overall success of your plan;

A line graph that will show your progress to failure timeline.

So this feature may require a deeper explanation.

For an example, if you had set 20 push-ups per day and then let’s say you were only able to go through 15 and you stopped but you enter it.

Yes it’s a good achievement and the effort is appreciated as well but when you add in the details you will have to mention the right amount in order for the metrics to be right so that the graph will have a bend there.

This will further motivate you to not only have a clear vision but to also get a sense of self-righteousness at least in my case I find it motivating.

But if you try to trick the app to just show how perfect you are it’s actually that you are fooling your self, Not the app.

So do yourself a favor make it honest and real!

So there I hope you got a clear idea of the basic and key features of the app

The additional features of the app

Talking about the additional features this app has its own forum and community.

Screen shot of the forum section in the habitbull app

Here you will find various interesting events such as where a community of like habit oriented people will gather and agree on a goal.

Let’s a “book reading habit thread” where people who would like to develop a habit of reading books will get together set a plan that is shared between the members.

This is actually a very interesting way to stay motivated and keeping one’s mind on the game.

And then you can be open to your team and discuss or confess about your stats and they will support you or guide you.

I found these forums very active and helpful at the same time when I joined one of the reading books thread in the app itself.

They also had people recommending good books and tips and hacks to make this habit lasting and enjoyable…

So what is my conclusion?

All in all, if you are a person that is finding it difficult to build a habit that is quite difficult but once it’s achieved, it will greatly impact the quality of your life.

This app is for!

So if you are going to start out with this app I highly recommend that you don’t dive straight into building habits like read a book per week or lose 5kg of weight in 3 days.

Or quiting social media for 25 days straight blah blah blah

These types of fat hopes will never get things done and you yourself will get bored or discouraged that the app doesn’t work for you.

Start with a small challenge that doesnt neccesarily have a big time impact on your life

Like I did; the 66 day cold shower or simply “reading 2 pages of a book a day”, meditating for 4 minutes each day” etc…

That would get you the right mentality to embark your life ahead smashing into all your dream habits and getting beeter at it day by day.

So thats it from me about this wonderful app that has greatly impacted my life and I hope you will too benifit from these tools.

But on condition that you be honest and true to yourself which is the essence of the whole senario.

NicKDeD out!

Essential Productivity tools and applications

Productivity tools and applications that are vitally needed. 

Some software and applications exist dedicated to user productivity and personal development.

This side of technology has never been better and it keeps getting better and better.

These are called productivity tools and applications.

So today I will review some of the…..😁

best productivity tools and applications.

Mainly we come across applications that are dedicated to creating work schedules, planning and time management, financial management and budget planners etc….

one of the best productivity applications that I truly recommend are Todoist

And Evernote.


Screen shot showing the home page of a todoist app for Mac

Screen shot from evernote for Mac

above is a screenshot showing the opening layout of the Evernote app for Mac on my personal pc

these duos are the hallmarks of productivity apps by far!

So how can we find this out?

The world had never been so much accessible and so little.

And then the next big milestone was the birth of the Smartphone.  All credits to the older phones that preceded its development.

So with that in mind, I consider it is justified that I mainly refer to the aspect of Smartphone technology as well as computer technology.

They are very much significant and impactful to one’s life. Today the smartphone is so much power and better; therefore life has never been so much easier.

this is all made possible by the amount of good hardware and software that each company puts inside their products.

For an example personal financial management and expenditure tracking apps like tracking my pocket.

Or popular productivity apps and tools Like Todoist or Evernote that helps you keep all your tasks and plans organized and intact in case you are a busy person.

so all these productivity tools and applications are packed in with along and the most important thing is that they are basically free at least most of it.


The other competitors of productivity toos and applications include;

  1. Any.do
  2. Otter voice notes
  3. Notability
  4. Microsoft Outlook 
  5. Google Keep
  6. IFTT 
  7. Drop task
  8. Tide
  9. Pocket
  10. One note…… and so much more to look into

Many of these productivity tools and apps are free for a bigger extent and available across Android and Apple platforms!

So I myself as a medical student do come across instances where I need some sort of help to fixate to my daily goals and keep my tasks updated daily.

Best productivity tools if you need to handle social media

As both a medical student and a blogger who specifically blog about how to keep it productive and organized.

obviously, I have to reach out to many people to read my blog; Right!

So in my case, I have no more than a few hours a week to make it all happen, this is when you need access to all your social media accounts in one place.

So whenever I need to share a related post, piece of information or simply some of my content I use apps such as.

  1. Tailwind
  2. Crowdfire
  3. Buffer
  4. Hubspot
  5. Hootsuite

I personally recommend and prefer Tailwind and Crowdfire In this case!

So if ever you want to Handle your social media without being distracted by it these apps are highly recommended.

Best Productivity tools and apps that help with Personal development 

This topic is something that I can’t be specific about

Yes, sometimes it is required to have a little bit of support from a program for various instances.

example if you want to cultivate a good habit in your self like increasing your cognitive skills or keeping productive and handling procrastination etc…

Or you want to let go of a bad habit like being addicted to social media and heaping amounts of screen time or it maybe otherwise a personal matter.

Some best habit building apps i truly love having is Habitbull and Beemider

So these apps a basically Helps you with developing good habits and letting go of bad habits while keeping the process consistent while solely depends on the user.

And I have to say that I have come across simple and well-made apps that helped me a lot in this case.

productivity apps that help you reduce screen time 

Are you struggling with too much screen time on your smartphone? it’s obvious that many people do.

I highly recommend using SPACE  app.

Also, I recommend using Forest app (Something I use to this day)

it is very helpful and better productivity tool performing across many devices from smart phones to computers!

This is one of the best productivity apps that influenced me a lot and I ope it does to you as well

    1. Harvest
    2. Toggl
    3. Time tracker
    4. RescueTime
    5. FocusMe

So in conclusion…..

Get More Work Done

Productivity, clearly, doesn’t begin and end with Productivity tools and apps. You need all sorts of tools to knock things off that to-do list of yours.

Gaol setting and time management is also a vital fact for this to work out

Therefore you can look for good self-development books that are pretty much abundant in bookstores as well as online marketplaces such as Amazon.

In the end, it all comes down to how you perceive things around you and how motivated you are.

Useful youtube channels and skillshare lessons for this cause

I seriously recommend following youtube channel or a Skillshare lesson

This is a very useful Skillshare lesson I’ve been doing and it was useful, to say the least….

And myself as a student doing higher education overseas;

I follow a hand full of you tubers who are great at what they do and the information they share.

Namely, I follow Tom Frank and his blog 

And he talks about the best and selected productivity tools and apps out there!

And Better Ideas by Joey Schweitzer


I hope you enjoyed what I had to put out to you today.

And keep in mind you just don’t skyrocket your productivity overnight it takes time and consistency in order to do so.

And I recommend that you follow my Youtube channel so you can get to know more and more about how I keep up and more recommendations on to you.

Have a nice day! All the best!

Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash


Evernote (Essential Productivity tools)

So getting notes on daily chores, tasks, interest, and ideas, studies or even a vacation plan for the holidays, all these tasks requires organized and written content.

Writing on paper or maintaining a small journal is fine and many people do prefer that but if we think of the reality these days.

Therefore it’s inconvenient to have a notebook in hand all the time!

So previously I did a review about Todoist. That is a different category which simply is based on creating a to-do list and getting things done. Which is quite obvious.


Evernote is essentially an app that is based on taking down notes and storing it in an online account.Screen shot from evernote for Mac

This can go from your…..

  • Daily grocery list
  • Personal Goals like fitness goals, Diets, Financial accomplishments etc.
  • Noting down your homework or classwork (basically what I use it for) or even
  • For your business and handling and much more.

Useful features of this application.

So let’s get into the details of this application.

First and foremost I would like to mention the Styles or methods you can use capture notes all reminders.

The moment you open the app and press the “take new note button” (+) you will get several options.

these include basically; Continue reading “Evernote (Essential Productivity tools)”

Personal Goals and time management

Personal Goal and Time Management

Hello people and i’m happy to tell you about my great collaboration with Jie Liang all the way from Singapore bringing you to yet another awesome content.

Check it out!








Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Goal Setting is a skill that is compulsory and many of us fail to meet our goals due to lack of time management.

Spending too much time in other things and forgetting our own personal goal and having to regret after that.

Let me go into what is goal setting and some tips on goal setting.

Tips on Goal Setting

Before you start you have to ask yourself this, “what are the things you cherish and what is important to you?”.

Personal Goals need to be along this to keep our self-motivated in pushing yourself to achieve your goals. If you know what is important you can start setting your goal and plan it using the tips I am giving below.

Note Down your Goal

Writing down is the first step in Goal setting. You will have to state down all your goal you wish to achieve.

It will be a long list which more than 90% you will fail to achieve. Start striking off those that isn’t related to what is important to you.

This will be the list of Goals you shall set for yourself. Paste it somewhere you will see everyday for example bath room mirror to keep yourself reminded of the goal you have set.

Tangible Goal

Goals must be measurable so you will be motivated as you step closer to your goal.

For example, getting a car is a goal as it is measurable. When you get your car, you will be excited about it. But if you tell yourself you want to buy a newer car. How many cars do you want?

Now you may want 1 but when you got the first you will want a second and it will be never ending.

Time Line

Give yourself a time line. A car by June, 2019 will help you with your planning.

Your planning will be how much you will have to save by a period of time for example 20k by Jan 2019. Giving yourself a timeline and work towards it will give yourself a push.

Someone Accountable

Is your personal goal like “why do you need someone else to know about it?”

It is for accountability and by telling someone else the chances of you achieving it is higher. It is always better to work in a group where everyone willing to share their Goals and work together to achieve it.

Keeping each other accountable. This groups have to be your close friends where you dare to scold and reprimand each other. This will surely help with pushing yourself towards the goals.

How Does Time Management help with Goal Setting?

Time management is how you manage your time between your activity. It will be very useful if you apply it to your personal goal. There are different methods on how you can apply it.

Time Line

Draw a time line to schedule how you want to work towards getting your goals done.

I believe there will be several goals you had set from the guide above. Schedule it well and prioritise them so you give yourself ample time.

Using a timeline, you will be able to see if all the completion date you set are possible. Here you will be able to choose which goal you have to strike off so as to meet the deadline.

Mobile Calendar

In the past you will be using your physical calendar which you will be leaving at home. In the end you will miss all the deadlines.

Using the mobile calendar to keep yourself notify on the deadline every month by setting the notifications will also help. Your mobile will be with you the most, therefore the  chances to miss it will be minimum.


Yes, this point will be a repeat from the above and it is one of the most useful methods.

Sit down with your friend with your goals. Help each other brain storm and plan how you can meet the goals.

With your friend there to lecture you and helping you to monitor the process the chances of you not following the schedule are minimum. It is always good that you all do it in a group and help each other with it.

Hope this will be useful for you in setting your goal for 2019. Come back to comment if this helps you to achieve your goal.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


I am Jie Liang, a Sound and Security specialist who write my own blog and manage my company website. Feel free to follow me if you liked my article.



What is Christmas all about?

Merry Christmas to all ya folks have all the awesomeness and all the……… I don’t know everything good that you can think of😅
God bless you all!!!

So this is to all on this special day May the sparkling little lights you see on the streets be a glimpse of all the days ahead!

So my wish going out to you all is to look into your self today.

We all wish and greet our loved ones with all the warm and hearty embraces, smiles, presents and treats.

But today!!

I want you to find a person that you had a dispute with someone who you cared so dear but now you don’t see


All of us have these types of relationships! Isn’t it?

Yes and what do you know maybe He or She has been too down or two guilty to call you on the Christmas Day and share their wishes and greetings.


Sometimes they might wish that they’d had you on this special day because they have no one else.

So I want you to feel that. Remember the family and friends that you once had by your side and you knew they’ve got your back no matter what!


Some misunderstanding or a misconception showed up and ruined your relationship with this special person….. YES that person above all.


this person that often.

Give’em a call maybe a text doesn’t really matter and then witness the power of the Christmas spirit!

All would be reversed in an instant

So remember; keep it lit and gorgeous…
Go ahead take a spin share the love and joy stay awesome!!!

Do share this message and give me your own experiences I’ll be glad to share with you 😍

NIckDeD out


Photo credited to Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

My first days into social media

Hello Fellow readers!

I’m Nichola Dewapriya currently pursuing my studies as a Medical student in Belarus and here is my post and today I would like to relate my own views and ideas about the way I use use social media in a much constructive manner.

You can also find me on twitter, Instagram, facebook, Pinterest

And do check out my Facebook page here

Feel free to email me whenever I will reply nick.arsonist@gmail.com 

I highly appreciate your support and attention and do share so I may grow amongst a wider crowd!


By the time I got all the hosting facilities and the purchased Domain name for my blog I obviously knew that getting out there to the midst of actual readers was a job I had to undertake.

So as we all know that if your blog is not reaching out to other people your not actually blogging, Continue reading “My first days into social media”

Todoist- Essential Productivity tools

Hello and welcome all once again!

It’s been a few weeks since I put out any sort of content if you ask me.

But for a recap I’ll be looking forward to take my blog to a new direction, But keeping in mind my same aim at what my message is to you.

Let’s start talking!

So there is this friend of mine a fellow medical student of my batch, works his tail off to get a decent result in his record book. Personally I’ve seen this guy just goes into deep studies  for hours on end.

But he is once of those students who frequently gets scolded in the class for not finishing a class project or a simple homework in time because it simply slips off his mind as he put down his total concentration to the main events but not the simple ones!

‘So I felt like I had to share some insight with the guy, my proposition this guy needs a to-do list 

Back at school days I was so fond of creating to-do lists my self.

I would take a good Sunday or a Saturday for that and get a new copy book or an old and outdated diary and start off!

That would work for like a total of 2 or 2 and 1/2 weeks or so but then I wouldn’t be consistent with it.

So let’s be honest I wasn’t going to give him that advice.

But what if there is something similar and more functional  than just a copy book or a diary,diary, something much or mobile and engaging and doesn’t require you to have a pen or a pencil every time.

Something that is in your mobile phone!!

Yes and that’s how we get it done, You and I know how much of a close relationship we hold to our dear smart phones and I don’t need to explain you that.

So coming to my main point today I wanna talk about is Todoist. Something that is very dear to me! and this productivity tool I use everyday!

It’s a simple productivity app that I use personally







It’s a simple productivity app that I use personally use for my day to day tasks and also to set reminders and goals.

Watch the simple app introduction video below, I found it really convincing!

Honestly I find the user interface very easy to navigate and I would like to say that its more closer to all the google applications with the menu bar on the top left corner.

Nice right!


And this simple app is packed with many awesome features as well making it on of the worlds best task management and productivity apps for the last 5 decades.

It also can be used by an individual, group of people or a whole organization itself!

Looking for the most notables features of this app they are;





What we basically do Is we navigate to the ‘add a task’ sign 

Eg. Finish biology home work, Buy fish and vegetables from the grocery store… etc 

And then you enter It to your inbox while doing it you get the option of labelling (which is basically selecting a category and setting the priority level of that task.

Next you can set to which date and time you want the app to remind it to you.

Easy right!

So as you can see it’s awesome 

I myself is a basic user and I still haven’t purchased the premium version of this app just yet but I want you to try it out and leave a comment whenever possible.

Also my I say that this application comes across all devices in Google play as well as Appstore  Here.

Since this is my first product review I will not go into much details but I will be keep up with it and give you the best of recommendations and overviews.

Hope I’ll get all the support on this idea thanks a lot!

NickDeD out!!!

Have an awesome week ahead!!!


2 Choices you get after a Failure (even though you did try your best)

So here I am back to you!

So I’m here to talk about how to feel happy about your level of commitment to some task or duty even either you’ve reached your end goal or not doesn’t matter.

Have you ever had times that you know you did your utmost but didn’t get a chance to hit your target and fell short, well I have, a couple of hundreds of time

Ever felt bad about it, sure I did maybe often you may have too and I know that you understand what I’m telling right?

Well it is ok to feel that way too, no offense “totally normal”.

Imagine it’s an exam, a tough one and you know you’ve worked your tail off with the memorising, revisions, practice and concentration all fine and stable.

But something actually falls short or you face an unexpected situation;

Imagine you prepare for a track event you spend months on strict practice and diet, spend on special medications and special coaching and all and finally it’s only few days for the main event and unfortunately one day you slip off your wet bathroom floor and undergo a knee injury which is not serious but you have to rest a few days until it’s all back to normal.

Things like this can happen and there is no perfect reason to blame anyone or your self, it just happened.

So here you have 2 choices

1. You become highly depressed about the misfortune that happened to you.


2.You give yourself a pat on the back for all the hard work and dedication you put into it, put a smile on your face and go for the next round and make sure you be careful next time or atleast be prepared for the worst.

The choice is yours! Choose wisely 😉. or

you can checkout this post just🤓

NickDeD out!