Henry Ford (a true human)

So here I am yet again with another classic story. Henry Ford is the world-renowned innovator and businessman and also the founder of the ford motor company. So this was a book I listened to on where you can get your hands on free audio books for free! (Link provided below the content) Anyway, […]

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Why Artificial intelligence will judge you?

So do you fear that one-day Artifical intelligence will take over everything! So this is something that inspired me after I watched Gary vee video about the same thing and damn did it hit me hard. BOOM!!!! So a link is at the end of the post, I’m not stealing just expressing my views about […]

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Rediscovering boredom

So its been a long time since I actually did anything on my blog, I guess I thought it was gonna be invincible but still here I am back again. And yes this something that I have witnessed personally and then I came across this fact in the book Deep work by Cal Newport So the […]

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4 basics of habit building I use

So have anyone ever told you that habit building is hard? Yes it is, But Only until it’s a habit! As the definition says “Whenever you find yourself in a specific situation, you find yourself automatically doing specific actions.” According to routine excellence. So the simplest basis is that once a specific action has been performed […]

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What is Deep work and why it’s rare?

So this will be a special post for me as I will be reviewing a book that impacted me big time. What is “Deep Work” and why it’s becoming increasingly rare! This article will help you understand what is deep work and how to embed these qualities into your life as well! It’s Cal Newport’s […]

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Habit bull (essentail productivity tools)

Hello and once again welcome to a brand new productivity tool review. Today I will be reviewing about an essential habit building app that I myself use. It’s Habitbull! this app was recommended to me when I was going through a skillshare lesson on productivity and I got it downloaded a month back. I didn’t […]

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Essential Productivity tools and applications

Productivity tools and applications that are vitally needed.  Some software and applications exist dedicated to user productivity and personal development. This side of technology has never been better and it keeps getting better and better. These are called productivity tools and applications. So today I will review some of the…..😁 best productivity tools and applications. […]

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Evernote (Essential Productivity tools)

So getting notes on daily chores, tasks, interest, and ideas, studies or even a vacation plan for the holidays, all these tasks requires organized and written content. Writing on paper or maintaining a small journal is fine and many people do prefer that but if we think of the reality these days. Therefore it’s inconvenient […]

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Personal Goals and time management

Personal Goal and Time Management Hello people and i’m happy to tell you about my great collaboration with Jie Liang all the way from Singapore bringing you to yet another awesome content. Check it out!               Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash Goal Setting is a skill that is […]

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What is Christmas all about?

Merry Christmas to all ya folks have all the awesomeness and all the……… I don’t know everything good that you can think of😅 God bless you all!!! So this is to all on this special day May the sparkling little lights you see on the streets be a glimpse of all the days ahead! So […]

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