What is Christmas all about?

Merry Christmas to all ya folks have all the awesomeness and all the……… I don’t know everything good that you can think of😅 God bless you all!!! So this is to all on this special day May the sparkling little lights you see on the streets be a glimpse of all the days ahead! So […]

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My first days into social media

Hello Fellow readers! I’m Nichola Dewapriya currently pursuing my studies as a Medical student in Belarus and here is my post and today I would like to relate my own views and ideas about the way I use use social media in a much constructive manner. You can also find me on twitter, Instagram, facebook, […]

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Todoist- Essential Productivity tools

Hello and welcome all once again! It’s been a few weeks since I put out any sort of content if you ask me. But for a recap I’ll be looking forward to take my blog to a new direction, But keeping in mind my same aim at what my message is to you. Let’s start […]

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2 Choices you get after a Failure (even though you did try your best)

So here I am back to you! So I’m here to talk about how to feel happy about your level of commitment to some task or duty even either you’ve reached your end goal or not doesn’t matter. Have you ever had times that you know you did your utmost but didn’t get a chance […]

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Classic Rock Mornings – Your Sunday Playlist – by Koral Dawn

Hello people let me introduce my friend Koral Dawn from California US, this is her guest post about her interests and story and also an interesting Sunday special Playlist for that good old Sunday relaxations. Check it out it’s awesome!! make sure to find her on Instagram and also check out her blog for more […]

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“Commitment” an introduction

Why do we commit? As human beings we tend to hold on to things that we hold so dear; may it be a passion, possession or merely someone and we start to build a fortress around it in order to secure it because we know that it’s valuable. But what if you don’t commit to […]

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Hello Monday!!

Hey, guys and welcome to another week of the calendar, let me tell you about “Monday”. Nearly everyone hates Monday because that’s the start of the week and the end of those fine weekends( who doesn’t love weekends). But let me tell you: it’s quite ok to dive into another week at work with a […]

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In “No Time”🤔

Hello here I am again, Well my life as a medical student is too stuffed. My routine is only to wake up in the morning, run for classes, stay till it’s late evening, come back to the hostel and eat my only meal of the day, get back to studies or fall asleep trying. Well […]

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Going for the ‘okay’!

Well hello there 😉. I’m gonna pick up from where I left in my last post. It’s been a hard week lately for me and my fellow medical students, heyyy got some good news I managed to get a good 7/10 for my last Fridays anatomy viva (little applause to myself) and I think I […]

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Baby’s first step to step forward👶

Hello again. It’s almost Friday!!!!! ( Hell yeah).Why am I not celebrating?? Well to tell you guys we have an additional anatomy class on Saturday next to Fridays anatomy session so No more relaxing Friday nights for me and whole Saturday evening occupied with classes. Yeah I know I should be asking myself why am […]

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