Henry Ford (a true human)

So here I am yet again with another classic story. Henry Ford is the world-renowned innovator and businessman and also the founder of the ford motor company.

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He was also one of the modern world’s biggest millionaires (oops billionaires) ever…
So today we are not merely gonna talk about his life story or whatsoever.

We will be talking a little about his human nature that led to his success

Portrait of Henry Ford

He loved to work for the betterment of society

By far this is one of the best qualities that I’ve come across in this individual!

His famous saying…

“What is done for the greater good of the greater amount of people will always win”

Talking about a very successful businessman who equated up to a whopping 188 billion USD from today’s financial states, you’d never think of a humanitarian chap to fall into this category.

But Henry Ford did actually the opposite of what all his financial instructors told him.

Not only did he continuously work to increase the quality of his product but he did try to make it accessible common man. And he didn’t just stop at that he also took great care to the conditions of his workers and employees.

Henry Ford looked into their health and social conditions even going as further as establishing a hospital for people who had bad health conditions still paying them their regular wages.

His sole motive was not to make heaps of money that he never needed and he totally expresses that money is nothing other than a lubricant to run a business and making the world a better place was the importance of all.

All in all, he was a serviceman that dedicated his time and pleasures to the greater good and he also had his mind on the long term rather than the short term.

He worked hard to attain what he wanted

Henry Ford being such a kind person never stopped at anything to get the job done.

From a young age, he was enthusiastic about machines and how they work, most of his youth was not spent wasting time doing what other kids did!

He would go on his own and make his own discoveries and create his own path and with great confidence.

Attending school young Henry was never interested in the subjects and neither was he interested in working in the great fields his Dad owned at the time.

He went off into the dense city to learn about the art of machinery and beyond, And this he did on his own sneaking out of schooling, finding his own food and shelter, working for companies and firms owned by people such as Thomas A. Edison.

He sought an independent environment and never held back on being entitled by anyone and that was something rare you can find in an extremely kind-hearted person.

He was a man true commitment to love and life

As you would expect any man who’s gained fame or money will deliberately be blindfolded by it and rarely they stick to one marriage and commit to it.

In this case, I’m not criticizing divorce or break-ups or anything, I’m just referring to the context that Ford Henry was indeed this rare case.

His wife Clara Jane Ford though hadn’t had any idea about machines, nor more than it was loud and heavy always stood by her husband. Through all the hard times and good times they never gave up their work nor their relationship.

And Henry Ford being a hardworking guy didn’t take his wife for granted and he treated her just and fine.

They were indeed an inseparable team!

And as told before they loved each other and so was their love and passion to pursue towards the greater good and their duty towards mankind. They were Bonnie and Clyde but on a whole different level!

He never gave into money

Yes, he was a hell of a rich guy as the matter, in fact, he was still rich than Jeff Bezos today ranking No.1 with approximately 155 USD in net worth, but if compared in today’s term Henry Ford was at roughly a 188 USD as mentioned!

But he was always determined to tell himself that money was more of a “sider” more than the main event. His sole idea and intent were to bring the automobile accessible to almost anyone and make it as much as reliable as possible.

So there you have it, Customer, first.

So as one of the most influential entrepreneurs of our time Gary Vaynerchuk tells “Being obsessed with money is natural but that’s not the fastest way to make it.”

This is true it’s never about the money, it was never about the fame and sh*t for Henry Ford it was about his passion that driving force of curiosity and grind that lead him to success.

He would work on his first automobile after he arrived home after his days work and then hit his shed and work till dawn and he wouldn’t give up until he reached his expectations and for his money was never his pinnacle.

I truly don’t need to emphasize more on this fact…

Then again we see people who work on regular jobs, complain about their financial or social state but do absolutely nothing about it other than complain and contemplate.

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  1. Nicely written. No one is born poor. Everyone is given the opportunity to grow but what differentiate each other is how much you willing to put in to meet the goal you want.

    1. Yes that is true some people will complain and do nothing about it, but the people who are willing to step out of their comfort zone will achieve the greatest.
      Thank you for the wonderful idea and comment😊!!!

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