Reason why honest work is the best!

So this week I finished my semester finals exams with two of the toughest subjects a medical student can come across, Anatomy and Histology!!

I got a 7 out of 10 for both these subjects and I have to say that as well, a big achievement and It came true with a lot of hard work and grinding.

So what I wanna emphasize here is not that I worked my tail off but the fact that I pushed myself to a limit not to actually get to that point where I get a good mark (maybe partly) but mostly I just wanted to taste a little bit of my sweat.

Believe me, I’m not a high scoring student compared to many numbers of students that are my colleagues but I’m not big time hard worker either. 

So in this post, I will break it down to 6 criteria on how and why you should see into this matter.

1. It ain’t pretty at the beginning

As much I’d like to encourage you into the working flow I would always warn you that starting to work on something that you know is hard is “hard”.

And yes it is, I found it very hard to sit in one place and would always feel that this wouldn’t work!

Well, you know what it was like that for a moment until I reached the flow state of work,

And after then I realized that well you have this point where it’s really hard to cross but once you’ve a cross that point it keeps becoming better and better.

Take adversity and obstacles as a grace and not a burden!

2. It’s not just about hard work 

Well working hard is very essential, very much indeed you can achieve nothing without the hard work.

Let me ask you a question would a car with a proper engine work without a proper wheel shaft which will help to spin its wheels.

Well what’s missing is the link between hard work and full yield of hard work is the fact that you are not working smart 

So for me I tried working really hard for my exams in my own room and sometimes at my friend’s place and then for a long time it didn’t work out that well, I’m not pointing my finger at anyone here and I have many great friends and colleagues….

Then I went off to find a good library for me to get down with my work,

And then It hit me sometimes I had to make a change or a well suited and distraction-free place for me to really sink into it.

So I would recommend that you do your own research about the matter and through a few experiments you may find a better or an optimal solution!

3. Love what you do make it an obsession 

It is very important that you find your own cup of tea and if ever you start off with something that you wouldn’t like then you are going the wrong way.

But what if you are having second thoughts?

Yes, maybe but there is always space for a constructive “Change of plans” the main point here is that you’ve got to make sure you make the right decision.

So what you got to do is seize every opportunity that you come across and put yourself into it until it hits you, well if it does not you might as well jump to the next.

After all, neither talent nor skill can bring you greater wins than being happy with what you do! 

And speaking of finding what you wanna do for the rest of your life you may wanna look into my youtube video about how to find your passion.

4. Discipline is essential 

Yes, this is very important in any practice or situation whatsoever, this something that has to be truly emphasis and this is why I choose the library in the first place because I wasn’t sufficient of the discipline to accomplish a certain task.

So I have this tendency to waste my time on the phone, mostly on youtube content that I would exhaust my brain reserves until I no longer could get any work done for a few hours more.

This will not only make you successful at what you do but also increase your overall efficiency making you more focused and time managing!

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