Rediscovering boredom

So its been a long time since I actually did anything on my blog, I guess I thought it was gonna be invincible but still here I am back again.

And yes this something that I have witnessed personally and then I came across this fact in the book

Deep work by Cal Newport

So the reason that leads me to compose a blog post about this topic is inspired by a Ted talk on YouTube.

This guy is  Chris Bailey and you might love his blog.

So this video was about why our brains couldn’t focus as we wanted.

Why can’t we focus on one thing at least the most of us?

So let me explain this fact in simple terms.

Next time you go out in the public just care to take a look around, see how many people will be enjoying some free time wandering their thoughts while making the most out of nature or at least appreciating something physical!


I assure that other than toddlers or elderly people everyone else will have these smart devices in their hands’ busy typing, texting, scrolling, surface whatever you call it.

But wait that’s quite normal these days that you barely notice!

Well, I have to be honest I’m not the biggest fan of these things but I get caught up in it too.

But then again its inevitable these devices and programs are effective!

What is the case?

This is the case that we all live in it’s not about being distracted people are not distracted no……

They are overstimulated and crave these distractions more and more.

Ok so this is a very cliche’ thing to talk about and it’s been talked around everywhere, but the problem is that nobody will ever recognize it.

You will never recognize that you are going into this absolute abyss of overstimulation unless you have someone noticing you or unless you have a third man perspective of yourself.

Overstimulation = Distraction

So what does this sense of overstimulation do to you?

Well in short this will keep a part of your brain busy and rewarding you with chunks of these dopamine-fueled stimulations and naturally making you find for more stimuation.

The same type of stimulation you get when you are having sex, doing drugs, etc…

And that will lead to a bad habit and at the end a fatal sign of addiction or mania.

How will this ever be bad for us?

Well, on the contrary, a human being is always a being of curiosity and adventure.

So just imagine these processes of reasoning, discovering and being creative is much like a river that flows seamlessly without any friction, but if there is a considerable amount of debriefs or obstacles along its path?

Yep you know, That Ain’t good!!

So this is the case the human nature as a whole is being affected by not identifying these shortcomings.

I’m not merely blaming technology but all I’m saying is they are made exactly to cause these types of effects and grab most of your attention.

You can read my blog post about my first days into social media here.

So why boredom? It doesn’t make sense?

Well that’s the point for a human to get some sort of an innovative idea wouldn’t you need some “Peace of mind”

I bet someone who wrote an article with a pure focus was better than someone who had facebook or twitter on the other tab of the browser.

So boredom?

Remember the time when you were a kid and you had nothing to do but daydream, remember those long summer holidays that you would get into your world at just…….. Enjoy it!

Just recall when was the last time you ever had the chance to think of something new?

Yes, that is correct this is what’s being done!

Think about it!

Nickded out!!




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