Why Artificial intelligence will judge you?

So do you fear that one-day Artifical intelligence will take over everything!

So this is something that inspired me after I watched Gary vee video about the same thing and damn did it hit me hard.


So a link is at the end of the post, I’m not stealing just expressing my views about this stuff because one-day sh*ts gonna be real!

This is Gary Vee’s thought about how Artifical intelligence will kick the average people from their zone!

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How does it start?

So he starts off with the question from the host “Are we in an AI arms race?”

He simply answers that he doesn’t quite know what it is or he can’t be the judge of it but….

He then starts to take the wheel like he always does.

So this will not be merely a review but a truth that we will face in the foreseeable future.

So let’s get into this


How it is always phenomenal?

Yes, it’s no wonder that tech like Artifical intelligence or autonomous programs will one day be a big deal in the human world at least most of it.

It will bring change above many things and will impact globally as well.

So here I don’t need to emphasize what and how things will change because that would be blah blah bla….

So now Gary here talks about the business side of how “Artifical intelligence is gonna impact man”

Or should I say within the economic and social sphere sort of?

He comes up with this fascinating truth about how farmers who used to grow and harvest their crops with their own hands suddenly found that machines were way better easier and efficient thus replacing human labor with tech.

Imagine me when is say it with my arms from this side to that side.

Human labour……..to………tech.



Simple indeed.

Same goes with Artifical intelligence yes it will eventually replace some people from their jobs it’s true and it will happen soon.

So for this let’s consider a conventional trucker or a truck driver well…. It’s a long culture associated with many countries such as the US.

But with the rise of autonomous vehicles especially by producers like Tesla and Mitsubishi and we are slowly observing a future of fully automated transportation not only in the urban department but also in heavy-duty transport as well.

So if you are a truck driver this is a really good time to get into an alternative because in the near future you may suddenly be informed that you’re not needed on work.

So he finally concludes his speech saying “It’s phenomenal because AI is gonna do sh#t that below average humans do badly”.

So I hope you will find this video interesting and eye-opening!

Cheers and best of Luck!

Nickded out!



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