4 basics of habit building I use

So have anyone ever told you that habit building is hard? Yes it is, But

Only until it’s a habit!

As the definition says “Whenever you find yourself in a specific situation, you find yourself automatically doing specific actions.” According to routine excellence.

So the simplest basis is that once a specific action has been performed in the past over a continuous period of time the brain and body adapt to it creating a bond between the situation and behavior and the behavior being the habit.

So let’s get into it 😍…

So this something that I’m deeply into and trying to practice it myself and sharing my achievements along the way.

So this is how it works, there are few key fundamentals I learned along the way.

I will break this process into a simple 4 step method.

1. Always start small.

2. Give it time.

3. Do not panic to fall back.

4. Keep it consistent and enjoy the journey.



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So under these 4 main criteria, I will walk you through how to establish a working habit building system.

And also I will recommend some tools and apps that will help you with the work.

So this will be an honest overview of my own methods.

Point no.1 Always start small

Many people dive headfirst into habit building. So they set up these big overestimated resolutions and routine plans.

So the error here is that you will quickly lose the motivation since you are new to the whole process.

Just like any activity, it starts with the basics.

So, in this case, you need to have a warm-up session or else experimentation as to how you will get one with the work.

So I highly recommend you take one something that is not related to your long run or your main goal, makes it a rather silly one.

So in my case, my main aim is to excel at what I do my studies as a medical student and also my work as a blogger and a content creator.

So I started with something that is extremely outta the box. I got down with a 66 day everyday cold shower challenge.

Despite my hate of cold water, I did it and I couldn’t last 5 freaking seconds…..

So with this, I planned to increase the number of seconds as each week progress. And with the days it became a normal routine to me or should I say a funny moment to myself.

So while on the process I switched to another habit understanding that I had to take the next step.

Well, this one was something that I liked but still not so relevant to my work.

So I started with the habit of reading books; you can observe my resolutions page here.

So I set it to 15 self-development books within this year not too much not too little.

So after a while when I felt that I’m ready to take on the serious stuff, I meant the ones that were relevant to my studies and work Did and so it went on….

Point no.2 Give it time

So this is something that I really want to stress on when I talk about the topic of habit building or either anything that takes up considerable amounts of dedication and time.

These are not easy things, to begin with, may it be getting your feet into a new habit or getting out of a habit that you are either used to.

I understand it is easier said than done trust me!

For example, you want to get to the habit of reading books but your one of those people who had never thought of such a thing.

Maybe you were a hardcore video gamer but now you are becoming aware of your health issues and wanna hit the gym or a sport.

Just imagine how hard it is! yes some of us have been through it

So this is a process that has to be achieved with time, dedication, concentration and discipline!

And most importantly let time pass it will hit you!

Point no.3 Do not panic to fall back

So what I want to emphasize here is the fact that you don’t have to take yourself to the extremes of behaviors.

As I had mentioned earlier we always tend to overestimate ourselves to achieve more.

Therefore in a way, we expect better from ourselves always and not to mention the desire to attain perfectionism!

This can be the next bad thing; you come up with this firm plan or resolution but along the way, you are experiencing that you are not keeping up with the stuff as you intended at first.

Therefore what most of us do is we burn out and finally, we snap and that’s the end of the line. This hasn’t had to be this way.

In my case, I had days that I was sick and sure it wasn’t healthy for me to have a cold shower even for a few seconds so I had to shift back to the lower gears and cope up with it.

I had days that I got burnt out and lost touch of my well planned weekly study plan; yes it does hurt!

All I’m saying is nothing will be going smooth trust me. Though I’m here striking the keys to type this stuff, I’ve have had times that I wanted to give up    Literally this blog you are reading I attempted it more than a dozen times! And I know I’ll soon have such instances in the future as well.

So, in this case, all I’m gonna do is

So whenever you get tired or you fall down don’t struggle with it, take a break, if you need to reconfigure your pace or take a fresh breath of air why not!

Just remember not to be too Hard nor too soft on your self, either way will be unhealthy in the long run.

Point no.4 Keep it consistent and enjoy the run

So this is the final step of all keep it going and for this, you may need some kind of a tracker or a helper to keep you motivated and have a track record of your progress.

And for this, I highly recommend the Habitbull habit tracker app!

So this may also work out if you properly explain your process to someone who is close to you and testify that you won’t let yourself down.

Or If you want to spices things up a little bit try beeminder app too!

Here you may have to take a risk of pledging your money on completing tasks and if ever you fail you will lose that money.

So if you want loads of other apps that may help you with getting stuff done you can also refer my blog post about essential productivity tools!

So these set of apps once used in combination will create a productivity system, I mean a digital one…

But some people may prefer the traditional pen and paper or journaling which also, of course, a better option as well!

All in all, it’s about to try, experiment and get used to a method that is well suited to you and build that discipline one step at a time. And when I say “A STEP AT A TIME” I really mean it!


“Hope for the best and prepare for the worst”

Yes, and in my short period of time into the habit building affair I learned a small thing “IT F**KING WORKS”.

I really don’t know how to emphasize this enough but little by little things changed, don’t misunderstand me thinking that I made it to the climax and hey I’m still a 20-year-old medical student with low grades and lack of concentration and motivation 85% of the time.

But it always comes with the effort you put into yourself to build a discipline within you, It was not about getting a 9 out of 10 for my anatomy exam, nor was it about completing all my work and notes.

It was about placing those distractions aside; those hour-long surfing around youtube or social media and get started at least learn the basics of what you should know.

Then what do you know you will get fascinated about the enthusiasm!






4 thoughts on “4 basics of habit building I use

  1. I agree with this especially with number 1, always start small. Many expect to see an overnight success without even realizing the fact, it’s not that possible, for some maybe, but in general nope. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in one day. Success takes time, give it indeed a time.

    1. Yes this is something that has to be emphasized more as to keep the process steady.
      Or else it will result the person to quit on the work instantly.
      Thank you for the great comment as well 😊

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